MA is the quiet space. The tiny hidden distance in between everything and anything. Between space, time, objects, thoughts, sounds. That voidness and stillness.

MA is the shadow between the light beams on the wooden floor; a silent pause between the words that gives them weight. MA is the other level of interaction between beings, invisible to them. MA is something that can’t be described by words or can be explained in so many, at the same time.

The literal interpretation of MA in Japanese language, culture and traditions is space in-between, nothingness, infinity, vacuum beyond everything. Its essence lays in distance within space or time, a physical distance between objects, or momentum between our experiences and perceptions. But that distance is so subtle that nobody can realize it is there.

In various word combinations and moments of life, MA can be interpreted in countless ways. Eventually, MA can be different for every single being feeling and experiencing it.

The starting point and core of MA project is the notion of developing and creating musical compositions through minimalism, which results in an intense merge of sounds and accentuates that strong space and leeway amid them. You are invited to find your own soundless MA among the notes. To hear and feel it your own way.

MA is the most beautiful sound. Simply because it makes us forget where we are, feel and observe our lives and ever changing surroundings as something so meaningful and fascinating.